Our 365-Day Promise

We started this journey due to problems faced from poor quality clear backpacks that would often rip and result in multiple purchases during the school year.  Our mission was 'One Year One Backpack' and we are extremely happy that we have achieved this goal by offering a comprehensive warranty of 365 days on all our school backpacks, which is unmatched in the industry for clear backpacks.
Quality is our DNA and we are constantly looking to innovate and improve. All our products go through quality inspection to ensure that it meets the published specifications.
Following exclusions are not covered by the warranty
  1. Intentional or willful damage to the product.
  2. Normal wear and tear,  fading of color and scratches due to normal usage.
We will not charge any amount towards the cost of product for replacements covered under warranty. We do charge a nominal amount of $8.99 to cover the shipping and handling cost. There is no charge towards the cost of the backpack.
Though we will try our best to provide a similar replacement, the fulfillment of all warranty claims are subject to availability of color, design, and size. We will provide you with a choice of similar products of equivalent value in the event of the non-availability of any product.
Please contact us for any warranty claims.